SY Liew
| Oct 29, 2019

You would have noticed a growing number of people using eWallets as alternative mode of transactions. Having wads of cash may be a thing of the past as even vendors in pasar malams are offering…

Hee Huan Ping
| Oct 11, 2019

薪资管理是一件非常复杂且耗时的任务。因此,寻找一个简单又节省成本的软件解决方案,例如AutoCount Cloud Payroll则显得格外重要。如今,许多人力资源人员仍在实践手动的薪资管理。虽然它似乎是一种低成本的做法,但事实是,在电子表格文件中输入每个员工的薪资资料时,流程是非常麻烦的。


Hee Huan Ping
| Oct 11, 2019

Composing employees’ payroll serves as one of the main and remarkably complex and time-consuming tasks for HR related personnel, while there are easier and incredibly cost-efficient software…

| Apr 30, 2018

Based on a recent study from GetApp lab, there are 3 out of 5 business leaders predicted that businesses who do not adopt a big data strategy will risk themselves become uncompetitive. According…

| Apr 28, 2018

A research findings from GetApp Lab on cloud based business software benefits compare to installed version:

More than 1/3 of the small-medium businesses panel favor cloud-based software due…