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Version 1.5.044   DB version



1.Import Stock Item Grid Layout have the Standard Selling Price 2 column. (ACC-2091)
2.Add “Delivery Date” on partial item transfer from Sales Order at column chooser. (ACC-2105)
3.Member number in Sales Invoice can be chosen if ‘Expired Date’ in Member Maintenance already expired. (ACC-2114)
4.Import Serial Number: Check for duplicate Serial Number during insert. (ACC-2128)
5.Add Scripting support into Sales Order Print Outstanding Detail Listing. (ACC-2131)
6.Support scripting in Price History.
7.Enhance the Serial Number prompt out window speed by using multi-threading technique.
8.Aging Report: Added “Show Debtor/Creditor Currency” and “Show Local Currency” to Grid Option.
9.New Feature: Request to have Delivery Date inside Partial Transfer when SO transfer to DO. (ACC-1538)





Version 1.5.043   DB version



1.Check Back Order based on Quantity after Consignment. (ACC-1780)
2.Improvement in stock module: Include Zero Balance and Include No Transaction Item(s). (ACC-1934)
3.General Maintenance: support Smart Search (Incremental Search) (ACC-1941)
4.Change the calculation of Retained Earning account in Ledger Report. (ACC-2035)
5.Import from Excel: Cash Book Entry able to import “Description” (Below “Pay To”). (ACC-2037)
6.To copy the value of Location, ProjNo and DeptNo from previous row in Stock document. (ACC-2048)
7.Support script ValidateMinMaxSalesPriceEventArgs on Sales Form. (ACC-2051)
8.Item Maintenance: Can delete image file after opened item maintenance entry form. (ACC-2059)
9.Allow importing serial number at Stock Transfer and Delivery Order. (ACC-2089)
10.Add Bank Reconciled Transaction Report in Bank Reconciliation.
11.Add Total column in Budget Entry in which a user can enter value in the Total amount, and it will ask whether the user wish to pro-rate the value into 12 months.
12.Support auto generate member number.
13.Support Sales Credit Control event script: To allow AbortSave and prompt custom error message, to indicate use of system logic or script logic and to allow add temporary credit limit by value.
14.New Feature: Auto UOM Conversion for FOC Item. (ACC-419)
15.New Feature: Request to auto fill in the Default Project/Department/Location from User Maintenance into Consignment. (ACC-2033)
16.New Feature: Support scripting in Price History Report window.




Version 1.5.042   DB version



10.Serial No Entry Form: To repeat the same Manufactured and Expired Date of the top row during S/N input. (ACC-1954)
11.To provide an option whether to check for duplicate Your P/O No. (ACC-1956)
12.To provide an option to display dollar in plural. (ACC-1976)
13.To improve the slow speed during inquiry for Generate IRAS Audit File. (ACC-2004)




Version 1.5.041   DB version



1.Outstanding AR Invoice Report: Provide an option to filter by Document Agent or Debtor Agent. (ACC-1744)
2.Do not prompt Serial Number Entry Form if the transferred is by Full document transfer. (ACC-1799)
3.Added Debtor Name & Creditor Name column header on A/R & A/P Contra. (ACC-1876)
4.Price History Report: Allow to inquiry on either Sales or Document Type only (Group By: Item Code) (ACC-1879)
5.Added access right to control ‘Show Item Package sales transaction’ and ‘Show Item Package purchase transaction’ in Item Package transaction inquiry. (ACC-1928)
6.IRAS: Add GST Ref. No in Payment Voucher Entry form. (ACC-1939)
7.To provide an option whether to close current edit window or not when users have opted to edit payments that have unapplied amount. (ACC-1949)
8.New Feature: -1 Serial Number Inquiry. (ACC-1395)




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