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New Topics


1.What's New - a listing of compilation dates for AutoCount Accounting Help File, stating briefly what were updated.
2.Controlled by License Code - for version on/after 1.5.022 - for new interface and include Online Request  Temporary Code.
3.Types of Transfer and editing - new FAQ topic
4.I can't change the price of invoice that was transferred from DO - new FAQ topic.
5.Install manually MSSQL Server 2005 Express - new FAQ topic
6.Install manually MSSQL Server 2008 Express - new FAQ topic
7.Item with image file - new FAQ topic
8.Fail to install SQL - other reasons - new trouble-shoot topic
9.The SQL Server service failed to start - new trouble-shoot topic
10.Windows keep restarting - new trouble-shoot topic
11.Connection Problem - new trouble-shoot topic
12.Database File is compressed - new trouble-shoot topic
13.Blank alternate page - new trouble-shoot topic
14.Further Description shows spaces - new trouble-shoot topic
15.Rich Text did not show properly - new trouble-shoot topic
16.Your Windows system security does not allow... - new trouble-shoot topic
17.v15026 - v15026 DBv10922 - version released
18.v15020 - v15025 DBv10921 - version released
19.15025 Express Invoicing - new feature
20.15022 Online License Request - new feature
21.15021 AutoCount Accounting 64-bit - new feature
22.15021 Access Rights of DO - View Price - new feature
23.15020 Multiple UOM with same UOM rate - new feature
24.15018 P&L Multi Level by Account Type - new feature
25.15017 Edit Master Data - new feature
26.15015 Stock Aging Report 24 months - new feature




Updated Topics


1.Report Designer Navigator - Added guideline to use functions  of Save, Save As, Load From File and Save To File...
2.Rename topic of Controlled by License Code to Controlled by License Code - for version before 1.5.022
3.I can't edit SO that has been transferred to DO? - corrected FAQ topic.






1.Included all topics of AutoCount Plug-Ins.
2.Included all topics FAQ - Application - the topics are rearranged according to its types instead of Menu.
3.Included all topics FAQ - Trouble Shooting - the topics are rearranged according to its types instead of Menu.
4.Included all topics of Versions Released - to list enhanced items of each published version.
5.Included all topics of New Features & Tips - to highlight new features in each published version.
6.This version of help file is updated to AutoCount website on 19th Sept, 2010.





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