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Budget module is used to maintain budget figure for Profit and Loss accounts.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Budget to enable it.



Budget Maintenance


To maintain budget, go to G/L > Budget Maintenance

Click on New, and key in a name for this budget. (you may maintain several budgets and each of them can be elected for reporting purpose.)






Click on OK.






Key in monthly budget for income and expenses accounts.

Note: You may click on Report > Design Budget Report > Design to modify the report.... (e.g. font size)


Click on Preview Report







Go to G/L > Profit and Loss Statement






select Report Format: This Month vs Month Budget

select the Budget Name

Check the checkbox of Show Actual/Budget %


Click on Preview...








Other available reports are:


This Year vs Year Budget

This Month vs Month Budget and This Year vs Year Budget

Month Budgets Comparison

Year Budget vs Month Budgets Comparison









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