Column Functions

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Column Functions


Right click on any of the column headers, you have more options related to the column(s):






Sort Ascending: sort ascending for this column. You may also click on the ascending button on the column header.

Sort Descending: sort descending for this column. You may also click on the descending button on the column header.
Clear Sorting: clear sorting for this column.


Group By This Column: this will place the column header onto grouping bar (dark blue bar above column header), same effect as drag and drop the column header there.

Group By Box: this is to hide/show the grouping bar.

Column Chooser: to show a list of available column headers so that you may drag and add column(s) onto the column headers. To remove a column, just drag and move the column header downwards, release the mouse when a cross sign is displayed.






Best Fit: to set the width best fit the column.

Best Fit (All Columns): to set the width best fit all columns.

Clear Filter: to clear the filter (if any)

Filter Editor: to set filter using filter builder.


Auto Width: to automatically set the column width according to the size of windows

Auto Filter: to automatically set the filter

Expand All: to expand all the records

Collapse All: to collapse all the records

Set Column Caption: to rename the caption of column header






Load Grid Layout: to load (select) from a list of grid layout that were saved earlier.

Reset Grid Layout: to set the grid layout to system default layout

Save Grid Layout: to name and save the current grid layout, you may also set it to be the default grid layout.






Layout Manager: to set default layout, to delete a layout, and to assign different layout to each users.






Export to Excel/HTML/Text/XML: to send the current grid contents to Excel/HTML/Text/XML files.

Print Grid: to print the current grid contents.








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