Customer Service Maintenance

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This is to record the service carried out at customer's site.

Go to Photocopier > Customer Service Maintenance,

Click on Create a New Customer Service ,






Doc. No: this document number is auto-run

Doc. Date: assign the document date; by default it will captured computer date

Contract No: select the contract number, the related debtor's info will be auto-filled.



Key in the complaint and select the Call Type.



Service Details

Key in the service information.





Spare Parts

Add the items (spare parts) if applicable.

Item Type: click on the field to select either 'New' or 'Used'.

If the items are chargeable (which price = not 0.00), invoice will be generated upon save;

If the items are not chargeable (price = 0.00), Stock Issues will be generated upon save;

if some items are chargeable and some are not, an Invoice will be generated.



Note: When there were spare parts involved, saving a Customer Service transaction will create a consignment transaction (save as Returned Quantity) to the respective technician. Thus, if you have earlier 'consigned' some items to the technician, Outstanding Consignment report will be updated immediately.







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