Account book - How to set 2 DMF files with different account books?

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(1) One DMF file (C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\Accounting\A2006.dmf ... consists of 4 account books (AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4)

(2) One shortcut icon on Desktop.



(1)Two DMF files:

C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\Accounting\A2006.dmf, and

C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\Accounting\A2006-1.dmf.   ... each DMF file consists of 2 account books (AB1 & AB2, and AB3 & AB4 respectively)

(2) Two shortcut icons on Desktop.




1. Save the current account book control file from 'A2006.dmf' to 'A2006-1.dmf' .. and detach unwanted account books.

 - Login to AutoCount Accounting (using any of the account books)

 - Go to File > Manage Account Book

 - Go to Account Book Control File > Save To New Account Book Control File, key in File name (A2006-1.dmf), Save.

 - Check the setting at Show Current Account Book Control File Full Path.

 - Detach 2 unwanted account books (AB1, AB2), keep AB3 and AB4.


2. Create a new short cut for 'A-2006.dmf'... login and detach unwanted account books.

 - go to C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Accounting, right click on Accounting.exe and select Send To > Desktop (Create shortcut)

 - go to Desktop, right click on the Shortcut Icon and select Properties; change the Target field to  

  "C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Accounting\Accounting.exe" -dmf:"C:\programdata\AutoCount\Accounting\A2006.dmf"      ... click on OK.

- double click on the new shortcut icon, go to File > Manage Account Book ... detach 2 unwanted account books (AB3, AB4), keep AB1 and AB2.








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