Stock Update Cost

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This is used to update the Standard Cost and Real Cost, either by key in a new cost or use Auto Update Item Cost.

Compare to directly change the standard cost at Stock Item Maintenance, this Stock Update Cost can update the standard cost for several items at one go, and can be saved as historical record.


Go to Stock > Stock Update Cost

Click on Create a New Stock Update Cost





Description: this is the document description.

Stock Update Cost No: <<new>> means to follow auto-running numbering (maintained at Document Numbering Format Maintenance), and the next possible number is displayed at the top bar of the window. You may click on it to key in any number you like.

Date: system/computer date is automatically captured, you may click to change.

Update To Real Cost: to update the real cost (Stock Item Maintenance) with this new cost.

Fill Blank New Cost with Old Cost: to fill in blank field of new cost with existing old cost value.

Auto Update Item Cost: to automatically fill into the field of New Cost with calculated up-to-date cost.


Note: you may click on the Item Search button (F9) to select several/all items at one go.


After save, proceed with new Stock Update Cost: when this is checked, a fresh screen will be ready for new entries upon Save; if unchecked will exit the transaction screen upon Save.


(You may go to Edit menu to copy/paste the whole document or highlighted details to/from clipboard; you may also save the entries to K.I.V. folder.)

(You may go to Copy Stock Update Cost menu to Copy From/To other/new A/R Deposit.)

(also refer to Common Function in Transaction Screen)




Print Stock Update Cost Listing















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