Stock - Stock was not updated when DO is saved?

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Question: Having saved a DO, the stock is not updated (deducted)?



Possible Reason:


The 'Post To Stock' option was not enabled.





(1) Enable the option of 'Post To Stock', then

(2) Locate the DO that have not 'Post to Stock'
(look at DO listing grid, drag out the column of 'Post to Stock?' from Column Chooser, those with status of 'No' means not yet posted.)

(3) Edit the respected DO..... click on Edit, check the checkbox of Post to Stock, then Save.





How to enable 'Post to Stock'


(1) Go to Tools > System Option Policy
Look into the policy of Post To Stock,... either to Use setting in Options ....OR to Use setting in User Access Rights.



(2) If the policy is to Use setting in Options
Then go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control 2.... check the checkbox of Always Post To Stock... then OK.




(3) If the policy is to Use setting in User Access Rights
Then go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance >  Access Rights .... look into Invoicing > Sales > Delivery Order > Post To Stock...... assign the access rights to a user means to enable the default option of 'Will Post to Stock' .....





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