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Version  released on 17 May 2010.   DB version



[ACC-394] - User no need to provide any system key, e.g: dtlkey, seq....when using Export Import by third party xml.




Version  released on 14 May 2010.   DB version



Added a new option: Allow Duplicate Supplier Document Number in Options > Customized Invoicing 2.




Version  released on 04 May 2010.   DB version



[ACC-372] - Implement Find function in Edit Script form

[ACC-380] - Show debtor/creditor account in transaction description when preview payment method account in ledger report.

[ACC-369] - To support Trial Balance Report with Balance B/F column




Version  released on 30 April 2010.   DB version



[ACC-349] - Increase performance speed at Inquiry>Serial Number Transaction Inquiry for more than 500,000 S/N per item

[ACC-351] - To support new credit terms such as Last day before end of the month, Last day of the 2nd month end, and etc.

[ACC-355] - Item Code can go to 50 Char, Import Stock Item is supported but Import Stock Item Opening is not.




Version  released on 9 April 2010.   DB version



[ACC-262] - improved the speed when saving invoice with huge number of Serial number




Version released on 23 March 2010.   DB version



[ACC-198] - When 'Export Stock/Sales/Purchase data', need to filter by debtor for Sales documents.

[ACC-279] - Item Code can go as long as 50 characters, Import from excel is not supported.

[ACC-300] - GL > Account Maintenance: Require to Add "Payment Type" to the Bank/Cash/Deposit form




Version  released on 12 March 2010.   DB version



[ACC-99] - Sales Order Processing: In Delivery Request Processing, when click Generate Delivery Order, a Window will be prompted require to show the S/O No.

[ACC-179] - Have more fields added to Print Bar Code > Export,  and Report Design

[ACC-242] - Request to add filter by Invoice, Cash Sale, Debit Note, Credit Note in Profit and Loss of Document Report

[ACC-292] - To show serial number cost in the serial number entry window if View Cost access right was assigned

[ACC-281] - Request to take out Header 'COST OF GOODS SOLD' in Profit and Loss Statement

For GST:     Added a new column called SupplyPurchase in TaxType table. This column will contain either ‘S’ (Supply) or ‘P’ (Purchase), which means every tax type can be used either in Supply (means Sales) or Purchase side.




Version released on 04 February 2010.   DB version



[ACC-187] - Credit Control: enables user to approve Sales Invoice and other documents by Login ID with certain percentage limit compare to Credit Limit set in Debtor.

Added two fields in User Maintenance: Sales Credit Limit Increment Percentage, and Sales Overdue Limit Increment Percentage






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