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Version 1.5.038   DB version



1.Time out error for Heavy POS user when inquiry Profit and Loss of Document. (ACC-1215)
2.Report Customization: English wording is per the net total amount not the Final Total in invoice when 5 cent rounding adjustment is enabled. (ACC-1216)
3.Error: The action will cause the Serial Number ‘-1’ of Item Code ’82-TAWT6’ has a negative balance quantity, it is not allowed. (ACC-1727)
4.New Feature: Bank Slip adds print and preview feature. (ACC-1688)





Version 1.5.037   DB version



1.Cash Sale: To allow zero payment amount to be entered when the payment mode is in “Cash Payment”. (ACC-1627)
2.Repost Stock Receive in Management Studio. (ACC-1628)
3.Import ARAP performance tweak. (ACC-1662)
4.To add in Min. Sale Price and Max. Sale Price to Print Bar Code report designer. (ACC-1667)
5.Purchase Invoice and Cash Purchase should allow Post To GL even though Supplier Invoice No. is empty. (ACC-1676)
6.To have Tab Text Alignment feature when press on keyboard Tab button. (ACC-1686)
7.Added Supplier DO No. in GRN Detail Listing, Outstanding GRN Listing and Outstanding GRN Detail Listing grids.
8.Add a new option “Enable Auto Popup in Item Lookup Edit” in Options | Invoicing | Document Control. By default this option is checked, if you unchecked it, then when you type something in Item column, the Lookup Edit will not automatic popup.
9.Add Serial Number category to Scripting maintenance window so that we are able to load serial number script.
10.Move BCE.AutoCount.Fixes.FormFixInconsistentBalanceQuantityProblem to BCE.AutoCount.Tools.dll, this allows other plug-ins to call this function.
11.Support new no parameter constructor in BCE.Localization.LocalizableStringAttribute. When you use this constructor in your enum, the system will automatically use the assembly name + “.LocalizationRes” as the base name, so you must make sure all of your project’s assembly name equals to Default Namespace.
12.Modify the Localizer.cs to get the localizable string based on the full namespace name instead of enum name which was stored in LocalizationRes.resx.
13.New Feature: Move Import Stock Item Price Book by Excel to main window. (ACC-1577)
14.New Feature: Option to set batch number field is required. (ACC-1599)
15.New Feature: Script support for Stock Balance Report. (ACC-1638)





Version 1.5.036   DB version



1.Show Project/Department Description in Ledger report. (ACC-1420)
2.Provide an option “Check Database Error” at Backup screen. (ACC-1442)
3.A/P: All report sorting: most reports sort by “DocNo”. (ACC-1458)
4.Support Update Item Cost Option for Goods Received Note. (ACC-1499)
5.Enlarge the image size in Item Maintenance. (ACC-1500)
6.Export to Excel: Profit Margin (%) in Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis show in different format.(ACC-1503)
7.Enlarge the image size in Stock Item Inquiry. (ACC-1508)
8.Use Standard Cost to check for Minimum Selling Price. (ACC-1525)
9.User ID “ADMIN “ (space behind ADMIN) is allowed to log into AutoCount Accounting.(ACC-1527)
10.Support FormEventArgs in FormItemGroupEdit, FormItemTypeEdit and FormLocationEdit.(ACC-1532)
11.Improve Export Import XSD document, add in ARRefund, APRefund, ARDeposit, APDeposit, ARAPContra. (ACC-1545)
12.New Feature: allowed to choose account number under cost of goods sold account type in input tax account number. (ACC-1424)
13.New Feature: Swap Item UOM Rate function. (ACC-1460)
14.New Feature: Move Import Journal by excel to front-end. (ACC-1524)





Version 1.5.035   DB version



1.Item Price Book: the columns of "Price Category Item Code" and "References" are made available for update if filter by Price Category. (ACC-1317)
2.To support ProjNo and DeptNo in Unrealized Gain/Loss and Foreign Currency Revaluation.(ACC-1357)
3.Added the column of Finish Goods Cost in BOM Maintenance Screen. (ACC-1365)
4.To support AfterCopyFromOtherDocument event in all Sales, Purchase, Stock, Manafacturing, GL documents. (ACC-1366)
5.New Feature: Reset negative stock balance quantity to zero. This features allows users to reset their negative stock item balance quantity to 0. It works by locating the negative stock balance quantity up to the date selected by the user, then select items you wish to reset before clicking on Create Stock Adjustment button which will automatically create the necessary stock adjustment. You will be prompted with an option to review stock adjustment document. This function is added in AutoCount Management Studio, Tools > Reset Stock Balance Quantity.




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