Data Entry By Past Records - What is it ?

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(This feature is available from version onwards.)


This enhanced feature of Data Entry by Past Sales Records and Data Entry by Past Purchase Records is available in all Sales and Purchase documents. It is very useful and convenient to create a new document by referring to what were sold/purchased in the past to/from a particular customer/supplier.


For example, add a new invoice... at invoice transaction screen, click on Tools > Data Entry by Past Sales Records






A list of past sales records will be displayed, locate the desired items and key in Qty (quantity) value directly.






When unit price is modified, it will be displayed in red color.

If you have modified the Unit Price, the modified Unit Price will be used in data entry windows.


The checkbox option (located at bottom-left) is changed from “Use modified unit price” to “Always Use Unit Price from this window”. If this checkbox is checked, the system will always adopt Unit Price shown in this window.


Click on OK, the items will be copied to detail rows of Invoice.





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