POS System

AutoCount Point of Sales (APOS) is specially designed to help businesses keep track of customers, stock items and sales. It is an Offline POS with Real-Time Data Synchronization Capability. Each terminal will keep its database and is unaffected by server. It is stable as both of its back-end and front-end database are supported by Microsoft SQL Server. APOS is fully integrated with powerful AutoCount Accounting, which is an integrated business solution that comprises of accounting, stock and invoicing. You can synchronize data between terminal and database server over the internet. For example, you can synchronize master files (debtor, stock item, product pricing etc) from HQ Main Database Server to each Outlet POS Terminal. From POS Terminal, you can also link to HQ Main Database Server to check on-screen stock quantity in your current outlet, other outlets and headquarters. In APOS, POS transactions made in each POS terminal will be synchronized back to HQ Main Database Server instantly. Hence, HQ will get real-time stock level information for further corresponding actions.

Integrated with Accounting
Member Price
Data Entry Screen
Report Designer
POS Price Book
Price Book

Most of the time you may have more than 1 pricing with the item. Set different item prices for different debtors/creditors or categories especially during festive seasons. Other than that, you may set price by item, set a fixed price for discount, and FOC quantity.

POS Promotion Scheme
5 Types of Commonly Used Promotion Scheme

AutoCount POS comes equipped with various types of promotion and discount function. For instance, discount by item groups, purchase-with-purchase, discount by item type, mix & match, or discount by item price.

POS Membership

Nothing is more important than your customer retention scheme on our membership reward system. This function allows you to have all the purchase history in your database. You can track customers’ last purchase and the items they bought at that time. You can even have the bonus point listing report on your month end review.

POS Integration with mobile payment
Upcoming: Integrated with Alipay and WeChat Pay

There are more than 200,000 China tourists visiting Malaysia every year. In the next few years, mobile payment will be the trend in Malaysia. Enabling Alipay and WeChat Pay allows you to attract not only the Chinese tourists but also local citizens who endorsed mobile payment.