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(From version 1.5.021 onwards.)


AutoCount Accounting 64-bit


AutoCount Accounting 64-bit is available in version 1.5.021 or later. To install, you need to use the installer of AutoCount Accounting 54-bit, instead of ordinary AutoCount Accounting installer (32-bit). After installing AutoCount Accounting 64-bit, you have an option to enable the 64-bit module at Module Setting.


Some of the benefits of AutoCount Accounting 64-bit are:

1.   The program can utilize larger memory capacity: as compared to 32-bit program which can access to maximum 4GB of memory, the 64-bit program can access to many times more of memory.

2.   Avoid error message such as: OutOfMemoryException.... This message maybe prompted in 32-bit program for heavy users (e.g. 5 hundred invoices daily) when memory utilization approaching 1GB (though he may have 4GB of RAM); this can be solved by using 64-bit program.

3.   To suite the trend of computing technology, where new PCs are often equipped with 64-bit processor.


AutoCount Accounting 64-bit can only run in PC equipped with 64-bit processor(CPU) and operating system of 64-bit. However, ordinary version of AutoCount Accounting (32-bit) can also be installed onto PC with 64-bit processor.  AutoCount Accounting 64-bit cannot run in Operating System of 32-bit.


The following are the requirements to run this module.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit, OR

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, OR

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit, OR

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.


License Requirements

AutoCount Account x64 module (this is an optional module)


Upgrading from older version of AutoCount (such as AutoCount XP or AutoCount Premier 3.5) must be in AutoCount Accounting 32-bit; upgrading directly to AutoCount Accounting 64-bit will not work properly.





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