15039 Extra Discount Amount

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(From version 1.5.039 onwards.)


This is used to distribute the discount amount of a lump sum discount row or footer discount (in sales.purchase documents) among the items involved in the same document (in proportionate to the sub-total of each item row), so that the discount amount will be taken into consideration in Multi-Dimensional Sales/Purchase Analysis.  (Previously the discount amount of discount row and footer discount will not be calculated in proportional to related items in Multi-Dimensional Sales/Purchase Analysis.)



Extra Discount Amount of a Discount row

Create a new invoice,

If the Extra Discount Amount column does not appear, pull it out from Column Chooser.

Add a few items with different prices,

Then click on Discount button to add a discount row (by % or by value), you will notice that the discount amount is distributed among those items according to their subtotal respectively.









Extra Discount Amount of Footer Discount

First of all there is an option to enable the calculation (distribution) of footer discount for Extra Discount Amount.

Go to General Maintenance > Footer Maintenance,

(assuming that you have enabled a sales footer discount.. refer to Footer Maintenance)

Highlight the footer name and click on Edit,

Check the checkbox of Add this footer value for Calculate Extra Discount Amount.

Then OK.






Create a new invoice,

Add few items with different prices, key in footer discount amount (or using the %). You will notice that the discount amount is distributed among items according to their subtotal respectively and filled into the column of Extra Discount Amount.











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