15041 Filter By Debtor/Creditor Agent

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(From version 1.5.041 onwards.)


Added the filter option of Debtor Agent in Outstanding A/R Invoice Report, and Creditor Agent in Outstanding A/P Invoice Report.


For example, in Outstanding A/R Invoice Report, click on More Option:





Or go to Report > Switch to Advanced Option                






Debtor/Creditor Agent means the Sales/Purchase Agent maintained at Debtor/Creditor Maintenance. This value will be automatically filled into Sales/Purchase Agent field when creating a document. Should this value not being changed during transaction, Debtor/Creditor Agent is the same as Sales Agent.


Sales/Purchase Agent means the value of Sales/Purchase Agent when creating a document. By default it will be obtained from Debtor/Creditor Maintenance, or it could be reassigned during transaction.







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