2012-05-30 ver 1.5.40

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(Updated to version 1.5.040)


New Topics


1.New feature & Tips: 15040 Reverse GL Account Posting
2.New feature & Tips: 15040 Calculate Discount On Unit Price
3.New feature & Tips: 15040 Our Invoice No. in Listings
4.Version Released: v15040 - v15040 DBv10931



Updated Topics


1.Advanced Multi-Currency
2.Create/Edit/View Document/Transaction
3.Debtor Maintenance
4.Creditor Maintenance
5.Discount - How to have discount on document?
6.Credit Note
7.Debit Note
8.Stock Status Report
9.Stock Item Maintenance






1.This version of help file is updated to AutoCount website on 30 May 2012.




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