Account Inquiry

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This is to view the info of selected accounts (including debtor/creditor) such as balance, transaction and profile information.



Access to Account Inquiry


Go to Inquiry > Account Inquiry

Or, go to AutoCount main screen, key in account number at Search field, and click on Start To Search button.







Account Inquiry for G/L Account






Date Range: define the date range from and to.

Account: select an account; it could be G/L account or personal account (debtor/creditor)

Re-Inquiry: this is the refresh button

Show Transaction Description: to add a column (Desc) showing the transaction description

Show Double Entry Account Description: to add a column (DE A/C Desc.) showing the double entry account description

Show Ref.2.: to add a column (Ref.2) showing the value of Ref.2

Add Profit/(Loss) to Retained Earning: to add a row to Retained Earning account showing the net profit or net loss of the selected period.




Account Inquiry for Debtor/Creditor


Inquiry of a debtor/creditor account shows more info, such as ledger balance, aging, price history of item purchased, and additional information of that personal account.






















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