Comparison: AutoCount Invoicing vs Express Invoicing

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Comparison: AutoCount Invoicing & Stock Control vs Express Invoicing & Stock Control


Invoicing & Stock Control


Invoicing & Stock Control



Stock Item Inquiry



Stock Item Maintenance

Item Opening Balance Maintenance

Item Price Book Maintenance


Item Price by Currency Maintenance


Item Price by Location Maintenance


Stock Group Maintenance

Stock Item Type Maintenance

Stock Adjustment

Stock Issue


Stock Receive


Stock Write-Off


Stock Update Cost


Stock Card Report

Stock Balance Report

Stock Movement Report

Stock Item Profit Margin Report

Stock Status Report


Reorder Advice Report


Inventory Physical Worksheet


Stock Aging Report




Debtor Maintenance


Sales Order


Delivery Order


Cash Sale

Credit Note

Debit Note

Cancel Sales Order


Delivery Return


Monthly Sales Analysis Report

Sales Analysis by Document Report


Profit & Loss of Document Report

Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report

Price History Report

Customer Price List Report


Sales Agent Contribution Report


Partial Transfer




Creditor Maintenance

Request Quotation


Purchase Order

Goods Received Note

Purchase Invoice

Cash Purchase

Purchase Return

Cancel Purchase Order


Goods Return


Monthly Purchase Analysis Report

Purchase Analysis by Document Report


Supplier Price List Report


Partial Transfer


General Maintenance


User Maintenance

Area Maintenance

CN / DN Type Maintenance


Credit Term Maintenance

Creditor/Debtor Type Maintenance

Currency Maintenance

Document Numbering Format Maintenance

Footer Maintenance

Price Category Maintenance


Project Maintenance

Purchase/Sales Agent Maintenance

Shipping Method Maintenance



Backup / Restore

Scheduled Backup

Audit Trail

Change Code

Recalculate Stock Costing

Scan Bar Code

Global Price Change


Print Bar Code


Notification Inbox / Messages


Auto Save


Open KIV Folder

Plug-Ins Manager


Network Users Monitor

Program Control

Clear Cache and Criteria Data

Current User Settings

Manage Fiscal Year


System Option Policy







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