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Search Command Timeout: the maximum waiting time for Search or SQL query search. Default value is 600 seconds

Quantity Decimal: number of decimal places for Quantity.

Negative Currency Format: select the format for currency values in negative.




Use Banker Rounding when rounding number: this is a rounding method that round half to even, which means: 'If the fraction of y is 0.5, then q is the even integer nearest to y.' For example, +23.5 becomes +24, +22.5 becomes +22, -22.5 becomes -22, and -23.5 becomes -24. This   method is also called unbiased rounding, convergent rounding, statistician's rounding, Dutch rounding, Gaussian rounding, or bankers' rounding.

Use Standard Rounding when rounding number: to use the standard rounding method.




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