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(Source: AutoCount Forum, 07 Apr. 2009)



1.the computer needed to be formatted
2.Ordinary database backup could not be carried out





In case the Database Server (the PC) is to be formatted, then there is no need to detach databases (account books) one by one.

The suggested steps are:


1. stop the SQL service;

2. copy the folder of AutoCount Data to a removable drive/or other PC;

3. go ahead and format the PC;

4. After SQL Server is reinstalled, copy AutoCount Data folder back to the machine, perform attach database (one by one) in SQL Server;

5. install  AutoCount Accounting;

6. attach the account book onto AutoCount Accounting; or using one of the following features:

- Restore;
- Synchronize All Account Books With Database Server

- Open Account Book Control File.



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