How to merge transactions of 2 different accounts?

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For example, there are 2 accounts: 901-0000 and 901-5555 both containing transaction...  I would like to merge the transaction of 901-5555 to 901-0000 and subsequently remove account 901-5555.






Go to Tools > Change Code > Change Account Number

Check the checkbox of Perform Merge operation instead of Change operation.

Click on '+' sign to select an existing account number (that you wish to remove): 901-5555

Key into New Account No. field an existing account number (that you wish to merge to): 901-0000



Click on Change.






Click on Yes

Key in the admin password, click on OK...






Click on OK, Close.



As the result,

(1) the account 901-5555 has been removed from chart of account.

(2) the transaction are combined (merged) into account 901-0000 as below:









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