How to start Bank Reconciliation?

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Let say the new account book fiscal year and actual data start date is 01-09-2009

And assuming you have completed your bank reconciliation (manually or using other software) as at 31-08-2009.... there are several items of Uncredited Deposits and Unpresented Cheques.


Before reconciling bank statement of year 2010.... you need to start with 'Maintain Previous Year Uncleared Bank Transaction'....


The steps are:

Step (1) Go to G/L > Bank Reconciliation .... A list of bank accounts will be shown:




Highlight a bank account, click on the button of bank02

Here you can add records of uncleared bank entries (not yet reconciled) prior to current fiscal year so that they can be reconciled later. This one-time-only step is necessary for current fiscal year of a new account book (except for a new company) as the system did not have these records.


Click on '+' to add entries with dates earlier than current fiscal year (that are appeared in the last Bank Reconciliation statement)




Click on Save.




Step (2) add new bank reconciliation for current fiscal year.. (let's say the first month is Sept 2009)


Highlight a bank account, click on Add,




Define the Bank Statement Date,

Click on OK.





First of all, look at Account Balance, 47,825.00 is the current ledger balance of this Bank Account according to AutoCount Accounting.


Then key in the Actual Bank Statement Balance: which is the closing balance of the actual bank statement printed by your bank.

(Before start reconciling, you may need to update the Bank Account with entries that were appeared on Bank Statement but not in your account book, if any.)


Thirdly look at System Bank Statement Balance: this is the bank balance according to last reconciled bank account (it should be the same as the opening balance of Actual Bank Statement)... this amount is detected by the system and will change accordingly when you start reconciling (checking the boxes)... this balance should be equal to the Actual Bank Statement Balance (the closing balance of bank statement) if all the items in the statement are reconciled, and the Difference will be 0.00







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