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The Help File


To make it easier to refer, this help file is arrange in the way according to the menu bar on the main menu screen of AutoCount Accounting. It covers all the modules and functionalities as at the publish date.


For specific modules, you may look into topics under Tools > Program Control > Module Setting.

FAQs are also included and these topics will be really useful as they are practical guidelines collected from real life users/dealers frequently asked questions.

We hope this help file serves its purpose as an useful reference.




AutoCount Software


AutoCount is one of the most popular brands in software industry related to business application.

AutoCount Business Suite is developed by Auto Count Sdn Bhd, a software developer formerly known as BCE Software Sdn Bhd. which was formed in 1996 in Malaysia.


As at year 2009, there are more than 30,000 companies from Malaysia and surrounding Asian countries using AutoCount software in their daily business operation.


AutoCount Business Suite consists of 4 main packages:

1. AutoCount Accounting: the most popular accounting, inventory control and invoicing software.

2. AutoCount Payroll: the most easy and simple office payroll system compliant with statutory requirement.

3. AutoCount Point Of Sale: the best integrated retails solution catered for offline POS with real time synchronization.

4. AutoCount Mobile: the most convenient mobile software for checking daily business activities and information.


AutoCount Accounting is a fully integrated accounting, invoicing and inventory control system. It works on globally trusted, secured, stable, reliable and scalable Microsoft SQL Database Server. The application is well structured, easy to use, modernized and trendy. It is also popular with unlimited accounting period, multilevel account chart, user personalization and more than 2,500 items in user access rights control.  


AutoCount software runs on Microsoft .Net Framework, using Microsoft SQL Database engine, and is developed using Microsoft C# .Net tools. The software adopts Disconnection Data Access Technology, allows Multiple Threading, Plug-ins Capability, User Defined Fields and supports VB .Net and C# .Net Scripting.


You will be delighted with its Web-Like User Interface design, Tab Control design in document entry, IE-styled unlimited Windows, User Customizable main screen and 'My Favorite' cross-modules functions.





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