Message - Out of Memory

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When this message is prompted, most probably it was caused by:


(1) Insufficient of physical memory. If this is the case, adding RAM will solve your problem. It is recommended to have 1.0 GB of RAM or more.


(2) You are using a 64bit computer.
Currently AutoCount is running on 32bit though your computer is on 64bit... that means when the  processes of AutoCount hit 800 MB or higher, the 'out of memory' message will be prompted.
In such cases, you may logout and login again, try your best not to open too many windows (or close it immediately after use or when not in use)... The pattern of using the software also makes difference, i.e. open the Invoice Listing windows (with many transaction) is apparently taking up much more memory to load, compare to opening the windows of new invoice...





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