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This module is used to maintain and synchronize database with PDA cell phone.    

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Pocket AutoCount Inquiry to enable it.


First of all, the PDA cell phone must be installed with Pocket AutoCount. The installer can be located on AutoCount installer CD, look into ..\Mobile\setup.exe



Pocket AutoCount Profile Maintenance


This menu is used to maintain synchronization profiles, which means to determine scope of information to be synchronized from this account book to PDA cellphone.

Go to Tools > Pocket AutoCount > Pocket AutoCount Profile Maintenance

Click on New..






Profile: key in name/description of this profile

Email: key in an email address

Database expired after ? days: this is to specify valid period of database that were synchronized

Debtor/Creditor Inquiry: to define the range of debtors/creditors by filter options.

Stock Item: to define the range of stock items by filter options

Price History: to define price history by types of documents, how many most recent records and the date range to be exported





Synchronize Pocket AutoCount


This menu is used to synchronize database to Pocket AutoCount on a PDA cellphone according to earlier maintained profile.

Go to Tools > Pocket AutoCount > Synchronize Pocket AutoCount





For the very first time, you must select Full Synchronize; and subsequently select Smart Synchronize to update the PDA cellphone.




On Your PDA Phone







This Feature allows users to check Customer/Supplier’s general information, such as address, contact person, telephone and even drill down to aging records.






This feature enables users to view stock balances, to check the status of purchase order and sales order.






Price History Inquiry allows users to trace the history (date, price, quantity) of an item, customer or supplier.






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