Recalculate Stock Costing

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Recalculate Stock Costing is used to recalculate stock costing value should there were changes in setting or entries (e.g. change of prices) that are likely to affect the costing value.






Filter Options: define the filter options of items and costing methods.

Change To New Costing Method: to change costing method of selected items.

Update Document Cost: to update the cost of all documents. This will affect Document Profit and Loss report and Item Profit Margin report.

Smart Update: to update only documents that were newly created or modified.

Update Stock Document Cost: to update the cost of stock into Stock Issue, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer and Stock Assembly.

Automatic Reorder Transaction Sequence to avoid negative quantity: in case of sales transaction took place before purchase (negative stock), this option will automatically rearrange the sequence order of transaction.






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