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Version  released on 25 Janaury 2010.   DB version



[ACC-163] - Request, Find Debtor: added in Company Name 2 at Search Criteria

[ACC-213] - After save the price book matrix in filtering, cannot add filtering.




Version  released on 13 January 2010.   DB version



[ACC-197] - Need to add 'Your P/O No' at transfer window when partial transfer from S/O at DO or Invoice.

[ACC-206] - Implement hierarchy (tree list) to the Filter of Multi-Select Project in Project/Department Profit Margin Report

[ACC-215] - Show which ItemCode and UOM does not exist in its master table during save.

[ACC-216] - Show which ItemCode and Batch No. does not exist in its master table during save.

[ACC-218] - Show Estimated Delivery Date at Business Flow




Version  released on 24 December 2009.   DB version



[ACC-101] - AR Outstanding AR Invoice: added Filter by document sales agent




Version  released on 21 November 2009.   DB version



[ACC-134] - The system reports of Cash Book Listing and Cash Book Audit Trail Listing is easier to read

[ACC-92] - Request to support Pocket AutoCount Data Entry and Export by Email




Version  released on 13 November 2009.   DB version



[ACC-82] - Added UDF field features in Shipping Method Maintenance

[ACC-103] - Import from UBS - Truncate UOM length to 8 character

[ACC-107] - Update WebBrowser control in notification

[ACC-111] - Supports import and export scripts in report designer


Import and Export Scripts in Report Designer

Import and Export Scripts in Report Designer allows you to export your report scripts into a folder (preferably empty folder). Then use Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 to edit your script, then import the script back to report designer.

The advantages of this approach is you can fully utilize the intelligence of Visual Studio, and you can compile the code to make sure it can be compiled without problem.

What you cannot do is you cannot run the report to check your result in Visual Studio, to run it, you must import back to report designer, then click Preview to run it.

You will find the following files in the exporting folder.

ReportScript.sln: a Visual Studio 2005 solution file

ReportScript.csproj: a Visual Studio 2005 project file

ReportObject.cs: Your report file contains the variables and controls in the report.

Program.cs: an empty c# file which contains the main entry of the program.

xxxx.cs: All other files are the script file each map to one script method of the controls in the report.




Version released on 7 November 2009.   DB version



[ACC-52] - Print Barcode - Import From Purchase Order

[ACC-93] - Request to support Show Description for System Type UDF

[ACC-100] - Add TaxPermitNo in APInvoice,APDN and APCN detail table

[ACC-42] - Allows to Import Item Price by Location from Excel

[ACC-78] - Customization on User Access Control (Set access Right) on Purchase module - 'not allow to edit unit price'





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