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Version 1.5.034   DB version



1.Added 'Cancel Status' as a filter option in Document Item Transaction Listing. (ACC-1210)
2.Serial Number: Transaction Inquiry to show transaction dated after Actual Data Start Date only. (ACC-1240)
3.Compulsory to choose Project No. or set default Project No. (as per User Maintenance) in AR Receive Payment and AP Payment. (ACC-1267)
4.When Import Stock Item from Excel, user may ignore Item UDF (do not update as blank). (ACC-1272)
5.Allowing plug-ins program to add the PeriodLockExceptionDefaultFunction into the AutoCount PeriodLockException. (ACC-1297)
6.Added the Document Date pivot field in Multi-Dimensional Sales and Purchase Analysis. (ACC-1311) Note: The format of Date will always follow your computer system short date format; If you can’t see Date pivot field in your Multi-Dimensional Sales or Purchase Analysis, try to go to Layout > Load Default Layout.
7.Added a 'Purchase Price' column at Item Package Maintenance, the value would then be used in Purchase document as unit cost of the item in item package.(ACC-1221)
8.Price History to include Item Package transaction (ACC-1220)
9.New feature: Inquiry>Serial Number Quantity Not Match Inquiry, for users with access rights to check transaction that has quantity mismatch between serial number assigned and item placed in the document. (ACC-1228)
10.Stock movement report: Added options of “Include Zero Balance” and “Include No Transaction Item”. (ACC-1253)




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