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1.Bonus Point: to have decimal in bonus point. (ACC-686)
2.Transfer UDF in master level of Sales Order to Purchase Order. (ACC-909)
3.Year End Closing for Bonus Point. (ACC-1094)
4.Trial Balance (This Year): Figure for Debtor/Creditor are same when drill down. (ACC-1128)
5.To support ExtraDiscountAmt column in all Sales and Purchase documents. (ACC-1579)
6.To have PurchaseSubTotal and PurchaseNetTotal in Item Package maintenance. (ACC-1678)
7.Added ExtraDiscountAmt to Stock Item Profit Margin report. (ACC-1730)
8.Added ExtraDiscountAmt to Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis and Multi-Dimensional Purchase Analysis. (ACC-1731)
9.To show POS transaction in Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis. (ACC-1732)
10.Provide search by Address in Debtor and Creditor Maintenance. (ACC-1772)
11.Create Standard Price 2 in Item Maintenance. This field is for POS standard price. (ACC-1775)
12.Request to show out GST amount in Invoicing forms. (ACC-1791)
13.Serial No. Transaction Inquiry: Request to add Grid Save Layout (for Security Purpose).(ACC-1798)





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