Bank Reconciliation - Bank account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation?

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Question: I have created a bank account (315-0000) and with few months of transaction. When I try to do Bank Reconciliation, the Bank Account is not displayed?




Question: I have create a bank account (315-0000) with transactions, and now I realized that it was wrongly created as Special Cash Account (SCH) instead of Special Bank Account (SBK). How can I make it right?




Possible Cause


Special Bank Account (SBK) was wrongly saved as Special Cash Account (SCH) during account creation.









(1) If there was no transaction involved, just delete the Bank Account and re-create a new one; and make sure the option button of 'Bank' is selected.


(2) If there was only few transaction involved, you may:

(a) rename the current 'Bank Account' to 'Cash Account' (also change the payment method at General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance); then

(b) create a new Bank Account (SBK); and

(c) edit the related transaction one-by-one and change the Payment Method to the new Bank Account.


(3) If there was many transaction involved, follow the following steps:

(a) go to Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio... login to the related account book using ADMIN user ID and password.


(b) go to Tools > SQL Query
Please be aware that any mistake made in SQL Query could cause you database to corrupt, thus it is advisable to be cautious and make a backup copy of your database before this;
If you are sure about the risk, click on Yes to continue:
key in the query:
then click on Execute,
the special account type of 315-0000 is now changed to 'SBK'.

(c) go back to AutoCount Accounting, verify the result by looking into G/L > Bank Reconciliation, the Bank Account (315-0000) should be displayed and with related transaction.






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