Cash Flow Statement

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This feature is available only when Advanced Financial Report module is enabled.

This is to view/print Cash Flow Statement.


Go to G/L > Cash Flow Statement






Date: define the date as at..

Report Title: (first row) '#Company' means the company name as maintained at Company Profile; (second row) '#StartDate' means the Start Date of current fiscal year; '#EndDate' means the Date you have defined at the top of this screen.

Save Criteria: to save the report criteria for future use.

Load Criteria: to select and load from earlier saved criteria.


Report Format

Formats available are as below:







Show Account No.: to show account number of each ledger account

Show Zero Balance: to include accounts with zero balance

Use 2nd Description: to show the 2nd row of account description instead of the first row



Advanced Options...




Header: to show Page Number, Date & Time, and User ID on the report header

Number Style: option to round up to 10, 100, 1000, or 10000; option for format of negative amount; option to show decimal.

Text Styles: define separately font and color for the components of the report.

Paper: to set the width and height of printing paper. (e.g. 2159 unit = 215.9 mm)

Margin: to set the margin of left, right, top and bottom (e.g. 127 unit = 12.7 mm)

Column Width: to set the width of the columns of Number, Acc No, Percentage and Description (e.g. 230 unit = 23.0 mm)

Account Indentation: to set the indentation of sub-accounts

Row Height: to set the height of rows

Auto adjust column width and font size: to make auto adjustment according to paper size

Reset: to use the default setting

OK: to save the setting

Cancel: to cancel changes and return to previous screen (same as pressing Esc button on your keyboard)



Click on Preview,










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