Controlled by License Code - for version on/after 1.5.022

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Registration of Account Book


If your license type is using Licence Code, you have to register each of you account books.

Log on to the account book you would like to register for license code,

Then go to Tools > Programs Control > License Control






Check the checkbox of Controlled by License Code,

Click on Open Account Book Registration,





Step 1: Product ID: Key in the 20-digit Product ID which was printed on the cover of AutoCount Accounting CD/DVD….OR  supplied by Authorized AutoCount Dealer.

Step 2: Key in the Dealer Code (obtained from Authorized AutoCount Dealer).

Step 3: this portion is automatically detected from Company Profile maintenance, you may click on Edit Company Profile to modify. You must make sure the correctness of company name and address. Digital Sign is meant for official use by Auto Count Sdn Bhd when counter-checking the registration request before the issuance of license code.

Step 4: the selected modules will be auto-detected according to your setting at Tools > Program Control > Product Edition and Module Setting. However, you may click on Change Product Edition to modify.


Click on Next;




Step 5: Define the number of additional network user pack, if you would like to add additional network user pack(s).


Step 6: Define the number of internet user, if you would like to add internet user pack(s).


Step 7: Define the number of profile, if you would like to add Pocket AutoCount Profiles


Step 8: Validity of License Code: select Permanent Code if you have made full payment would like to obtain the permanent license. Else select a temporary license code ranging from 1 week to 3 months. If you do not know which one to pick, consult the servicing Authorized AutoCount Dealer .

Step 9: check the check-boxes, if any, of the additional/optional modules that you would like to add.



Click on Next;





There are 4 methods to submit a license request.  The first method (Request License Automatically) is meant for Online Request Temporary License and it can be approved/rejected by Authorized Dealer instantly. Method B and C are mainly used to request permanent license (also can be used to request temporary license) via email. Method D is used in situations where internet access is limited/not available.  



Setting: Click on Setting, and you may set the time to refresh internet request status (minimum 10 seconds)....If the Authorized AutoCount Dealer is around, he may key in the Dealer ID and Password to immediately approve the request of temporary license.







Method A: Request License Automatically

Click on Request License Automatically, the license request will be sent for approval.


Click on OK ... The message ‘Your request is pending …’ will be shown.



Cancel License Request: To cancel the request, click on Cancel License Request, click Yes to confirm.






If the request is Rejected, the following message will be prompted, and the rejecting Dealer may key in a reason of rejection. Click on OK will return to the screen before License Request.





If the request is Approved, the following message will be prompted.



Click on OK, and the Account Book Registration screen will change to:


The button of Change/Update License is made available for subsequent license request.  Click on it will return to the original screen of Account Book Registration.
(Note: this screen is changed in version 1.5.036 onwards. Refer to 15036 New License Feature.)


Method B: Submit Directly via Email


Click on this method you will be asked to supply your email address so that the licence code can be emailed to you.




Then just click on OK.... and wait for the message of request has been sent successfully. Auto Count Sdn Bhd will then process your request and email you a licence file (the extension is .acl). Save the file onto your PC, then click on Register  (Step 10) to load the license file and register.





Method C: Save as Request License File and submit manually
Click on this method to save the request file onto your storage device, and you may later attach the file thru email to Auto Count Sdn Bhd (  Auto Count Sdn Bhd will then process your request and email you a licence file (the extension is .acl). Save the file onto your PC, then click on Register  (Step 10) to load the license file and register.



Method D: Print Request License Report and submit by fax


Click this method (when internet access is not available) and you may print out the Registration Form, chop and sign before sending it to Auto Count thru Fax (603-33243721).





Auto Count Sdn Bhd will then process your request and send you the licence code (a series of numbers). Just click on Register by Code (Step 10) and key in the code directly, then click on Register.







You you have registered your account book, the indicator of License Control at the bottom of main screen will show the licensed validity.


Related topic: 15036 New License Feature






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