Multi currency - Purchase in SGD but pay in USD

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Take this example:


Purchase from supplier and received Invoice from supplier SGD 2,000.00  (exchange rate SGD 1.00 = MYR 2.25)

Payment made to supplier in USD.  (exchange rate USD 1.00 = MYR 3.50...... and USD 1.00 = SGD 1.60)



Let's start with A/P Invoice Entry for the purchase....

The local net total is: MYR 4,500.00







Then create a new AP Payment

Select USD for Payment's Currency... key in the exchange rates... USD to SGD: 1.6000 and USD to MYR: 3.5000

The payment amount will be USD 1,250.00 .... and convert to local amount will be MYR 4,375.00






Click on Save and the following screen will be prompted .... obviously there is a Gain in foreign exchange of MYR 125.00  (4,500 - 4,350)







After save, go back to view the posting details  (View > view Posting Details)









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