Photocopier Maintenance

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Go to Photocopier > Photocopier Maintenance,

Click on Create a New Photocopier ,





Serial No: key in the serial number of the machine

Other Serial No: key in the other serial number if any

Description: to describe the machine

Copier Model / Brand: select the model/brand

Purchase Price: key in the price this machine was purchased, the purchased price is used for costing purpose

Completed Date: date when the machine is assembled and tested

Assembly By: the technician who has assembled the machine

Tested By: the technician who has tested the machine

Sent To Code / Name: the customer this machine was sent to.

Include Color Meter:

Include 2nd Meter:

Copier Assembly History: will be displayed automatically if any

Image: click on this tab will allow you to load and display the photo (image file)

Further Description: to key in further description, this description will appear on invoice

Note: to key in additional notes related to this machine





Copy Photocopier


Click on (top left) Copy Photocopier


You may copy the contents from other photocopier, OR to a new photocopier.








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