Returned cheque - that was cleared using other system

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In 2009, before using AutoCount, on 15 December 2009, a cheque (MBB 123456) RM1,000 was received to knock off Invoice INV 333.... the cheque is cleared and bank reconciliation is done.

I started using AutoCount in 2010... and the cheque is returned in 20 January 2010... How to record the returned cheque?





Use the following steps:

(1) create a past invoice using A/R Invoice Entry for invoice INV 333 ... the date should be on 15 Dec 2009 or earlier ... the amount is RM 1,000

(2) create a past receive payment using A/R Received Payment for cheque MBB 123456 .... the date is 15 Dec 2009, the amount is RM 1,000 ..... then knock off INV 333 ...  check the checkbox of Is RCHQ and assign 20 Jan 2010 for RCHQ Date.





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