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Version 1.5.017   DB version



1.To support Edit Master Data to all other Sales/Purchase/Stock Documents. (See ACC-487)
2.To Support Rich Text at column "FurtherDescription" for all documents Detail Listing Report. (See ACC-488)
3.To allow incremental search in Available Serial Number Inquiry and Serial Number Transaction Inquiry. (See ACC-505)
4.New Feature: Support Top/Bottom Purchase Ranking Report. (See ACC-427, ACC-495)




Version 1.5.015   DB version



1.Search by Description 2 in Item Lookup Edit. (ACC-83)
2.To support up to 24 months of Stock Aging. (ACC-319)
3.Foreign Currency Revaluation: Customer wishes to edit invoice, to add in "Note". But system won't allow edit the invoice, and system won't allow to delete/reverse the foreign currency revalue, and system won't allow to edit the payment to un-knockoff. (ACC-414)
4.Foreign Currency Revaluation: Allow edit the document, but don't allow to edit the amount, tax and currency rate. (ACC-404)
5.Added an access right on back order states base on Available Quantity. (ACC-425)
6.Support Copy As Tab Delimiter Text to Clipboard function in Quotation, S/O, D/O, C/S, R/Q, P/O, GRN, PI, CP. (ACC-473)
7.Added a new option to control whether you are allowed to issue out serial numbers that do not exist in the system.
8.Added the filter and search function at the Show Instant Info, consignment tab. (ACC-460)
9.Added batch print and listing report for Item Packages. (ACC-438)




Version 1.5.014   DB version



1.Change Serial Number function in Tools > Change Code
2.Able to show correct version of SQL Server 2008 R2 in About windows.




Version 1.5.013   DB version



1.Merge all Export forms into one form.
2.To support different UOMs with same UOM rate (<> 1) in one item code.
3.Change the control of Created Timestamp and Last Modified in Advanced Search to use Date Time control instead of Date control, this will allow searching accurate to minutes and seconds.
4.Increase default row height in financial report to 38 so that Chinese characters can show without problem.
5.New Feature: Create xml scheme for Export Import third party xml.
6.Integrate and modify serial number logic code so that can be reused by POS system.




Version 1.5.012   DB version


Start from 4 June 2010, product version number will be changed from 4 sections (e.g. to 3 sections by removing the second section (e.g. 1.5.012).

However, under Windows Explorer, the complete version number is displayed (e.g. The additional section (which you may ignore it) represents the revision of the version generated automatically by Visual Studio compiler.

To see the complete version number in AutoCount Accounting, go to Help > About.


(note: All plug-ins programs must be re-compiled)



Support Item Search function in Item Code Selector.




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