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Version 1.5.018   DB version



1.Allow Copy multiple Sources, instead of One by one to single document. (See ACC-169)
2.Serial No: Control whether allow to save when issue out a serial number that's not in the system. (See ACC-207)
3.Have print function in Transaction Summary. (See ACC-343)
4.Serial No.: the system has control over -ve qty s/n. (See ACC-350)
5.Support Edit Master Data to all other Sales/Purchase/Stock Documents. (See ACC-487)
6.Allow alphabet characters appear in the suffix of a serial number. (See ACC-496)
7.When Serial Number Quantity is greater than Required Quantity, do not prompt a window to ask for user confirmation. (See ACC-497)
8.Show FOC Qty in Multi-Dimensional Analysis report. (See ACC-511)
9.Do not prompt message "The serial number: xxx is not exist, do you want to save it?" when user didn't apply option "Allow to issue out Serial Number not exists in the system". (See ACC-525)
10.Added a Standard Cost column in Stock Balance grid and report. (See ACC-533)
11.Support account type level in Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Statement. (See ACC-537)
12.Added 'Further Description' in Stock Card Report. (See ACC-546)
13.Support incremental search in Location and Item Type command form. (See ACC-559)
14.Support transfer UDF from Stock Assembly Order to Stock Assembly. (See ACC-560)
15.New Feature: Added a new report: Document Item Transaction Listing report. (See ACC-342)
16.New Feature: Added new access rights to control "Can Print OR " , "Can Print PV" in Print Cash book listing. (See ACC-459)





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