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Version 1.5.025   DB version



1.To have an option " Inculde PD Cheque " for Credit Term's Overdue Limit. (See ACC-638)
2.Added Supplier Doc. No. in A/P Payment and A/P C/N knock-off section.
3.Support UDF in Import and Export of spreadsheet format.




Version 1.5.024   DB version



1.ItemBOM: Able to copy existing ItemBOM to a new ItemBOM for minor changes. (See ACC-630)
2.Generate document number for discount credit note in A/P payment. (See ACC-648)
3.Multi-Dimensional Price Book - Price Book Matrix supports copy function




Version 1.5.021   DB version



1.Change to use Account Number as primary key in Bank Book Analysis, previously it was using Payment Method as primary key which results in multiple payment methods map to one account will make the result duplicate, and will confuse users. (See ACC-541)
2.To support view price access right in Delivery Order. (See ACC-616)
3.Import from Excel - for Debtor, unable to import multiple contacts, will overwrite previous 'contact' every time re-import which suppose to add in as another new 'contact'. (See ACC-619)




Version 1.5.020   DB version



1.Add UDF and Scripting Features in Item Package Module. (See ACC-539)
2.ItemPackage: Having Active/Inactive check box, if item package is inactive, this item package will not show in the item package search at entry form. (See ACC-550)
3.Request to have the Supplier Invoice number in A/P Statement and A/P Aging Report. (See ACC-577)
4.Repost Stock/Sales/Purchase: Request Posting for Stock Transfer. (See ACC-601)
5.ItemPackage: default to non-tick for "Include Expired Package" when Item Package is clicked in entry form. (See ACC-549)
6.Support multiple uom with same UOM rate. (See ACC-570 & ACC-583)





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