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Version 1.5.027   DB version



1.Stock Report: Inventory Physical Worksheet not showing location(s) of the new created item, when there is no transaction. (ACC-683)
2.Added ProjNo and DeptNo in AR/AP Gain/Loss windows, this allows users to define the project number and department number of the gain/loss transactions. (ACC-695)
3.To allow sorting by account description in P&L Report and Balance Sheet Report. (ACC-703)
4.Returned Cheque Payment options in Debtor Collection Report & Debtor Collection by Agent Report. (ACC-715)
5.When create a new account book, license control type will be set to be the same as current account book. (ACC-759)
6.New Feature: allowed to Reset Foreign Currency Revaluation. (ACC-740)
7.New Feature: added an option to control whether to show Batch Number with Zero Balance Quantity. (ACC-742)




Version 1.5.026   DB version



1.Support user selectable project or department for gain/loss transactions. (ACC-288)
2.Support UDF in Import From Item Price Book. (ACC-609)
3.Support TaxRegisterNo in Debtor/Creditor table. (ACC-691)
4.Add supplier invoice no. field in contra note report. (ACC-694)
5.Auto fill in Debtor/Creditor TaxType in AR/AP Invoice/DN/CN. (ACC-700)




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