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Version 1.5.029   DB version



1.For project/department maintenance, to allow the account that has been create as sub account to be reverted as a parent account. (ACC-116)
2.Added function to change UOM rate. (ACC-660)
3.Added the PD cheque column in ADMIN user's PC (remote credit control) (ACC-839)
4.Included POS transactions in Item Profit Margin Report. (ACC-854)
5.Support SSL authentication in Batch Mail. (ACC-868)
6.Added POS Document Type in Profit and Loss of Documents. (ACC-872)
7.Added 'Created User, Created Time, Last Modified User, Last Modified Time'  to Outstanding A/R Invoice and Outstanding A/P Invoice Listing Report. (ACC-879)
8.Included POS Document type in Top Bottom Sales Ranking. (ACC-885)
9.Included POS Document type in Monthly Sales Analysis. (ACC-892)
10.To show Total in A/R Analysis by Document. (ACC-900)
11.Included POS Document type in Sales Analysis by Document. (ACC-901)
12.Allow to hide "To Acc. Rate" column in GL. (ACC-910)
13.New Feature: Import Budget from excel. (ACC-882)
14.New Feature: Support Indonesian Help System. (ACC-886)





Version 1.5.028   DB version



1.Debtor Statement: Allowed to select not to show paid invoices and payments.(ACC-477)
2.To have control not to allow item delete, if the item has Item Opening (ACC-747)
3.Support Withholding Tax in A/R Payment and A/P Payment. (ACC-772)
4.Item Batch Description in Stock Card grid and report designer. (ACC-781)
5.Option to allow generate IAF though some transactions without tax type. (ACC-789)
6.Show Batch Expiry Date in Stock Card Report. (ACC-792)
7.Local GST at Invoice Grid Listing. (ACC-793)
8.To support export of grid content in Profit Calculator. (ACC-812)
9.Support document number format in A/P Invoice. (ACC-844)
10.Add currency symbol and rate in tax transaction listing report. (ACC-624)
11.New Feature: Withholding Tax Transaction Listing report. (ACC-777)
12.Added the following system reports:
OR - Half Page (Compact)
PV - Half Page (Compact)
Standard Ledger (Descriptive)
Extended Ledger (Descriptive)
Stock Card (No Location and Batch)
Stock Card No Cost (No Location and Batch)
Stock Card No Cost With Adj Qty (No Location and Batch)
Stock Card with Adj Qty (No Location and Batch)
Stock Card with Price (No Location and Batch)
Stock Balance (No Location and Batch)
Stock Movement (Simple)





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