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Version 1.5.030   DB version



1.Added the rounding adjustment for cash sale and invoice. (ACC-673)
2.Added Import Price Book Rule Excel Template. (ACC-840)
3.'Your D/O No.' will be filled automatically in Purchase Return when transfer from Purchase Invoice. (ACC-899)
4.Modification to Import Price Book Rule to support From-To columns. (ACC-925)
5.Added dynamic fields matching function in Import UBS Stock. (ACC-926)
6.Allow to show company name in both Chinese and English in Financial Report: P&L, Balance Sheet. (ACC-927)
7.Added Debtor/Creditor's Note to a new tab in Instant Info. (ACC-945)
8.IRAS GST F5: Provide an option to include or exclude exempt purchase in BOX 5. (ACC-963)
9.New Feature: To support Tax based Currency Code different from Local Currency Code.
10.New Feature: Added UDF in Purchase Agent Maintenance. (ACC-908)
11.New Feature: Setting to control transaction must transfer from other document. (ACC-950)






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