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Version 1.5.032   DB version



1.Added a field name for Debtor Control Account when Import Debtor from Excel. (ACC-1033)
2.Included Ref Doc No & Creditor Name on partial transfer Column Chooser. (ACC-1055)
3.Allowed to change Budget name in Budget Maintenance. (ACC-1059)
4.Purchase Transfer Screen: If user does not have View Cost access right then hide all of the related cost columns in the Transfer screen. (ACC-1060)
5.Auto refresh knockoff grid in A/R A/P when knockoff record is edited. (ACC-1078)
6.Global Price Change - enable user to do a global change price by Stock Item 'unit price'. (By value or %) (ACC-1088)
7.Debtor Listing Report: have “Created Date Time” of the Debtor in Field List (ACC-1131)
8.Item Package with one or more sub-items with serial number control. (ACC-1132)
9.Added "Can Edit Post To G/L" and "Can Edit Post To Stock". (ACC-1134)
10.New access right to allow knock-off in A/R and A/P C/N, Payment, Refund and Contra. (ACC-1137)
11.Report: Debtor Listing with Credit Control and Creditor Listing with Credit Control. (ACC-1068)
12.Added "Stock Receive" to import when printing barcode. (ACC-1063)
13.The assembly cost in Stock Assembly will not use the decimal place for quantity. (ACC-1067)




Version 1.5.031   DB version



1.In Purchase Order, when transferring from Sales Order, after selecting a Debtor, do not need to wait long for those transaction to appear. (ACC-980)
2.Set default to uncheck the checkbox of 'Allow to Transfer' in Delivery Order when Transfer from Sales Order (which had been transferred by Value to Invoice). (ACC-990)
3.Added Account Description, ItemGroup, ItemType, Project, Department, Location Description in Multi Dimensional Sales and Purchase Analysis. (ACC-1021)
4.Allow posting UDF value from Invoicing document to AR/AP document. (ACC-1050)
5.All values are set to credit in the report of AR Debit Note Audit Trail Listing. (ACC-1053)
6.Added the column of '2nd Voucher No' when inquiring “Print A/R Payment Listing” and “Print A/P Payment Listing”. (ACC-995)
7.Report Customization: allow to have Supplier CN No in the PV report. (ACC-890)
8.Added 'Back Order Control' in Item Maintenance.
9.Added 'Balance Stock Account for Live Stock Balance' in Tools > Options > G/L > Default Accounts.
10.Allow access to Import A/R and A/P Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note and Payment through AutoCount Accounting.





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