What is Automatic UOM Conversion?

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Question: I am using Advanced Multi UOM module, what is the difference of Auto UOM Conversion in Item Maintenance and Automatic UOM Conversion in Options setting?




Auto UOM Conversion






At Stock > Stock Item Maintenance, for any item with multi UOM, when the checkbox of Auto UOM Conversion is checked, this means:

... during sales transaction, when the quantity sold (lets's say UOM is PCS) for an item that has insufficient stock (in that UOM), the system will prompt a message saying there is insufficient quantity for that UOM (PCS), and will suggest to convert from other available UOM.


For example:


Create a New Invoice,

Select an item, and key in quantity that is greater then its available stock for a specific UOM,






Click on Save,

Message will be prompted offering you to do UOM Conversion:






Click on Yes, will prompt the screen of Stock UOM Conversion.. (with conversion suggestion)

(If click on No, will prompt the screen of Confirmation for Negative Quantity Stock Items.. )





Note: the system will automatically suggest to convert from nearest UOM. You may amend it or/and click Save.





Set Automatic UOM Conversion


Go to Tools > Options > Stock > General Stock Setting

Check the checkbox of Automatic UOM Conversion

This setting will automatically perform UOM conversion (when needed) without prompting message screen for confirmation.





*This Automatic UOM Conversion works only for items that are marked with Auto UOM Conversion.






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