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Question: During installation of Microsoft SQL, the Windows will keep restarting when the system tries to execute SQL. ?


Answer: this happens because Windows XP SP2 cannot be installed with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express SP3. We have to install with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2.



1. Start Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 during reboot and select Safe Mode), uninstall the program of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Then restart Windows in normal mode.

2. Copy the entire installer files from DVD to your harddisk (or any removable drive), you may exclude the Video folder to reduce the time of copying.

3. On the copied files, look into the folder of SupportFiles, remove the file of SQLEXPRSP3.EXE  ...... and rename the file of SQLEXPR.EXE to  SQLEXPRSP3.EXE

4. Run the installation by clicking at setup.exe of the removable drive.





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