Consolidated Financial Report

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(Available on version 1.5.35 onwards)


This module is meant to provide a tool to generate consolidated financial reports of multiple companies, both single column and multi-columns formats.


The following reports are available:

- Trial Balance

- Profit and Loss

- Balance Sheet

- Account Details Report

- Cash Flow Statement


In order to generate a meaningful and correct consolidated reports, make sure that:

(1) Standardization of account codes. All the account books (companies) that to be consolidated must have their chart of accounts carefully designed, so that a same account code should represent the same account. You must avoid cases like 500-0000 in company A represents Sales Account but in company B represents Rental Income... and etc.... You may have different accounts in different companies, or a same account using different account codes (though this is not advisable), but a same account code must not represent different accounts in different companies.

(2) Standardization of account codes for child accounts. Similarly, a same account code should represent the same child accounts. For instance, you must not have 300-A001 represents debtor AAA Sdn Bhd in one account book, but represents ABC Sdn Bhd in another account book, though their parent accounts are the same (such as  300-0000 Debtor Control).


To use this module, do the following:

(a) Install the Consolidated Financial Report program (module) using the installer provided by AutoCount

(b) In AutoCount Accounting system, activate the module of Consolidated Financial Report, set users' Access Rights

(d) Login to Consolidated Financial Report program, define consolidate profiles, and generate consolidated reports.





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