HR Personnel Key Concerns while Processing Payroll Manually

Composing employees’ payroll serves as one of the main and remarkably complex and time-consuming tasks for HR related personnel, while there are easier and incredibly cost-efficient software solution such as the AutoCount Cloud Payroll, many HR personnel still practice to process payroll manually, while it may seem to be a low cost and straightforward tradition. The truth is the processes are much more complicated than keying in every employee payroll on a spreadsheet file.

Human Error

Every human makes mistakes at some point of time, hence human errors serve as the most common issue in manually processing payroll. It is often that several amendments must be made to make things right, and a mere minor flaw in a single entry could lead to a completely inaccurate report. Unable to key in detail on time and mistakenly entered afterwards, employees mistakenly clock in and out, fail to track over time hours, entering the wrong hours or rates, there are countless error scenarios can happen when the process was managed manually, mistakes which lead to delay paychecks also lose employees motivation and spirit in committing in their daily tasks.


Put the excruciating workload and human error aside, the main issue that often arise and being worried about by manually processing payroll is, the report process must be appropriate and comply with the nation’s law. With the changing political environment and constantly updating human resource and labor rules and regulations, one need to take note to regularly updating him/herself in order not to missed out with any latest update from the authority to avoid errors and even penalties. This can be resolved by acquiring an automated payroll system which compliant with local labor laws and constantly updating itself to ensure users will not make any mistake which goes against the stated legislation.

Insecure Data Maintenance

While it is easy to create and editing the spreadsheet, saving the file in a single location is always insecure and vulnerable, as hardware failure or data corruption will eventually lead to loss of valuable payroll data. By backing up in several locations, it poses another risk of files being unauthorized access by other employees or worst, the system being maliciously hijacked from external parties with a wicked intention. While having files locally might not be the safest way. To protect valuable data, a proper payroll system is needed, which best if it comes with a cloud solution to sync the data to the cloud with utmost security to ensure data is stored securely.

Pressure of HR & Finance Staff

The responsibility of managing the payroll process in most local SMEs usually falls on HR or Finance admins. If the firm is still practicing manual payroll process, it often leads to over excessive workload to be handled by the person in charge at a time. Imagine where even leave applications and employee benefits claims comes in various hard copies of forms and managers have to do separate keying process and calculate the wages and payment, while still have to cross check each application balance and government compliance and taxes calculation, this will eventually made the person in charge unable to perform other parts of their duties thoroughly.

Instead of continuously facing all the excruciating workload full of uncertain issues and risk, it’s time to upgrade your payroll process to ensure a smooth and time saving operation. Try out AutoCount Cloud Payroll to enjoy much speedier payroll process and ensuring highest level of security. With a cloud solution, payroll account is accessible from anywhere at any time on various devices, stay safe while compliant with Malaysian labour law and legislation.

The AutoCount Cloud Payroll even includes both Employees Self Service application functions and Managers Self Service, integrate with employee payroll and various application within the net.

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Challenges of Payroll Processing