AutoCount Solution with LHDN e-Invoice

Mandatory Date for e-Invoice The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) is introducing mandatory e-Invoicing in phases for all commercial taxpayers, starting with the first phase with mandatory date for e-Invoice on August 1, 2024.

The AutoCount e-Invoice Solution - the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP), is designed to simplify your e-Invoicing processes with LHDN, boost efficiency, enhance accuracy, and ensure full compliance with LHDN regulations—all from a unified platform.

  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Compliant
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What is e-Invoice

An e-Invoice is a digital proof of a transaction between a seller and a buyer, replacing traditional paper or electronic documents, with AutoCount e-Invoice Solution, business can generate, submit, process, and receive e-Invoice from LHDN MyInvois, in the officially recognized e-Invoice format: XML and JSON format, and promotes better efficiency by simplifying entire process, interconnecting businesses or SMEs and e-Invoicing in unison.

e-Invoice format, SMEs and e-Invoicing

How does AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) works?

e-Invoice Software Development Kit (SDK)

Developed in effectual of the official LHDN e-Invoice Software Development Kit (SDK), AutoCount AIP bridges the gap between businesses and the LHDN, enabling direct submission of e-Invoices to the LHDN MyInvois system through the familiar AutoCount software interface. This functionality covers generation of Standard, Consolidated, and Self-Billed e-Invoices. Soon, users will have the capability to utilize Peppol standard invoicing for their transactions, enhancing interoperability within the Peppol ecosystem.

What you'll get:

e-Invoice TIN number

With AutoCount’s Intelligent Onboarding Link, customers and suppliers can effortlessly input or revise their details, including TIN number and company information, streamlining the data collection and updating process.


Appoint an approver to verify the details on invoices, and errors can always be rectified before submitting to LHDN.

e-Invoice TIN number

In the case of LHDN MyInvois System downtime, all invoices that were uploaded will be in queue and keep trying to reupload until LHDN validated them.


Automate the process of generating and submitting consolidated and self-billed e-Invoices directly from AutoCount e-Invoice Solution.

Standard e-Invoice
  • Generate e-Invoices using AutoCount Accounting or Cloud Accounting, then upload them to the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) for submission to the LHDN MyInvois system.
Consolidated e-Invoice
  • Businesses in retail and F&B can easily generate consolidated LHDN compliant e-Invoices for B2C transactions and directly upload them to LHDN from AutoCount POS.
  • Retail or F&B business owners running multiple stores in different locations able to consolidate e-Invoices by utilizing POS Solution. With a simple click, invoices from each outlet can be generated and consolidated while complying with LHDN regulations.
  • Customers can simply scan the QR code printed on the receipt and enter details to request an e-Invoice, making the process even simpler.
  • Once customer filled in their details and submitted the request, it will then prompt the AutoCount AIP to generate e-Invoice.
Self-Billed e-Invoice
  • Self-billed e-Invoices can be particularly cumbersome for businesses engaged in high-volume activities, such as international procurement or those incurring varied expenses like commissions paid to agents, dealers, or distributors.
  • With the AutoCount e-Invoice solution, effortlessly transfer details from purchase invoices and payment vouchers to self-billed e-Invoices, eliminating the need for manual entry and saving time!

AutoCount e-Invoice Solutions

AutoCount Solutions with e-Invoice module

Why choose AutoCount for your LHDN e-Invoicing needs?

Discover the benefits of e-Invoicing with AutoCount Solution

benefits of e-Invoicing
Seamless Integration and LHDN Compliant

Experience seamless integration between AutoCount software and the LHDN MyInvois system, enhances operational efficiency, accuracy, and full compliance with the latest LHDN regulations.

Streamlined Processes, Swift Operations, and Efficient Outcomes

Streamline the collection of customer information, such as TIN number and company details, with a single click or through a quick QR code scan. With the retry mechanism in AutoCount e-Invoice Platform, the invoices will be resubmitted if LHDN MyInvois System is down, significantly reducing manual effort and ensuring swift and efficient operations.

Maintain accuracy and data integrity

Appoint an approver to supervise your team's e-Invoice generation and submission processes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data prior to direct transmission to the LHDN MyInvois System, significantly reduces concerns over errors.

AutoCount e-Invoice Solution Features Release Timeline

3 June 2024
  • AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) goes live, a robust foundation to enhance e-Invoice experience.
12 June 2024
  • Intelligent on-boarding e-Invoice module made available (Available in AutoCount Accounting version this includes features like:
  • TIN Collecting Feature

    The Get TIN link allows you to easily obtain latest customers’ TIN and company details. Simplifying the data collection and updating process.

    Import Tax Entity from Excel

    After collecting your customers' and suppliers' TIN numbers and company details, you can use the AutoCount Import Tax Entity from Excel feature to easily import their information into the system and categorize them as customers or suppliers.

    e-Invoice related fields in Item Maintenance

    You can now maintain e-Invoice required fields, such as Classification Code and Unit of Measurement in Item Maintenance in an officially recognized standards.

End of June 2024
  • Release of Beta Version of AutoCount e-Invoice Function
  • The beta version of the AutoCount e-Invoice function includes: Standard e-Invoice, Consolidated e-Invoice, and Self-billed e-Invoice features, for training and learning purposes.

July 2024
  • The AutoCount e-Invoice module is now fully set up and ready for you to transact seamlessly.
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