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OneSales POS

Grow & Scale Your Business With Ease

From standalone to multi outlets, from single counter to numerous cashiers, and from simple operation to demanding retailing, OneSales POS is flexible and robust enough to handle them.
You still enjoy full control with centralized and powerful synchronization between all outlets. All settings are done in HQ and will be synchronized to outlets. Sales transactions will be automatically "pushed" from the outlet to the head office and will be consolidated for reporting. So as your customers shop with freedom through all your outlets, your entire database will be updated automatically.
You can establish consistent data between HQ and outlets anytime and anywhere to get a clear picture of how your overall business is going. Real Time synchronization setting is made easy and simple for you. It is a one-time setting and needs to be performed only at the HQ backend.
Run your business smoothly with OneSales POS, as it will stay operational even after a complete disconnect from HQ or an internet connection is lost. Just sign in, handle sales and cash payments when you're offline, the data will be synced to head office as soon as your internet connectivity is restored.
Easily accept payments from your customers through popular e-Wallets such as AliPay, WeChatPay, Boost, MayBankQR, TouchnGo and more. Get started immediately to enjoy a promotional rate on transaction charges when using AutoCount POS e-Wallet, besides rental savings on payment terminal devices.
OneSales POS requires minimal staff training. With standardized layouts and simplified displays that support touch screen interface, it is fast, reliable, easy to learn and used to get new hires off the ground quickly. Any setting of favourite shortcut keys/buttons can also be shared with other outlets. In addition, you may also make use of syntax formulas to speed up the data entry process.

OneSales POS

Awesome Front-End Features

Customizable to meet your unique requirements of operation and reporting. Besides fascinating standard features and reports, you can also set granular level preferences.

Centralized Security Control
Customize Fast Menu
Trade-in, Return, Refund, Exchange Items
Item Package or Item Template (***coming soon)
Price Checker
(***coming soon)

OneSales POS

Pricing Matter Is Crucial In The Retail Business

No one wants to sell for a loss.

That’s why AutoCount OneSales POS is equipped with features and functions to help plan and manage your prices, discounts, memberships, seasonal or happy hour discounts, specific promotions, and more..

OneSales POS

Bring On Your Creative And Awesome Promotion Ideas

Build your unique promotion campaign with "PromoMaker".

Whether a simple buy 1 free 1, Purchase with Purchase, Mix & Match, or even multi-tier promotion, or creating seasonal sale items bundling, OneSales POS makes it easy and fast with its powerful promotion engine.

  • More than 50 different types of promotion logic for you to choose.
  • Using scripting to customise your promotion logic.

OneSales POS

Delight Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Capture customer information all in the AutoCount OneSales POS system.

Get to know how often your customers visit your business, how much they spend, what they purchase and their preferences to enrich your loyalty rewarding programs and roll out attractive promotional activities to keep them coming back.

OneSales POS

Never Lose Sight Of Your Business Operations

Wide range of operation reports helping you make smarter business decisions and optimize your omnichannel retail activities.

Wish to know every single bit to keep track of what’s happening in your business? We have a variety of operation report selections ready for use.

  • Daily POS closing reports tracing payment received, discrepancies in the amount you have collected.
  • Promoter reports tracing promoters' sales performance for commission calculation purposes.
  • Attendance reports to keep track of your employees' attendance record.
  • Discount analysis report to analyse the performance of the discount campaign (such as bank credit cards).
  • Promotion report to analyse a specific promotion performance for future promotion activities planning.

OneSales POS

Nothing Is Out Of Hand

The administrator has absolute control over the application in the backend and across all branches/outlets. This includes staff login and attendance tracking via system login. Daily operation reports also provide each counter/outlet details.

Set minimum price rules to ensure you never sell items below cost and define maximum discount authorization limit by each employee (e.g. cashier, supervisor, manager). A warning message will prompt on abnormal transaction price if no access right on overriding has been granted to the specific employee.

Empower your teams by giving them access to the appropriate information and functionality they need to excel at their job. Set up OneSales POS user roles and access rights permission levels for different personnel from a wide selection of 60 access rights records.

OneSales POS

LHDN e-Invoice Ready

Businesses in Retail and F&B can easily generate Consolidated LHDN compliant e-Invoices for B2C transactions and directly upload them to LHDN from AutoCount OneSales POS.
For providing invoice to customers, AutoCount e-Invoice Platform can easily generate customer copy via a QR scan from the receipt with simple info filling. Making the process faster and more efficient.

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More about OneSales POS Subscription

You can subscribe to 3 OneSales POS counters, which will cost RM130 per counter each month. Therefore, the total subscription cost for 3 counters is RM390/month.
Your subscription fee will be pro-rated based on the remaining months of your Cloud Accounting subscription.
If you have 6 months left in your Cloud Accounting subscription when you add OneSales POS, you will be charged for 6 months of OneSales POS subscription fee. After that, your OneSales POS subscription will renew at the same time as your Cloud Accounting subscription.
If you reconnect after being disconnected for over a month, you will be charged a reconnection fee equivalent to 50% of your current subscription plan.

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