Getting prepared to hike up retail sales in a whole new Hari Raya 2022

There is no doubt that the Hari Raya is one of the most celebrated festivals in Malaysia. Based on the Department of Statistics Malaysia data, Muslims stand as the majority of 61.3% of the nation's population. This represents enormous selling opportunities for retailers and consumer goods merchants during this festive season.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the celebration of Hari Raya for two straight years. With the strict order extracted this year, with the high hopes of welcoming the coming Hari Raya celebration, things are looking better for merchants and retailers across the nation and deem it as a golden opportunity for business performance recovery.

Apart from traditional food and beverages items, the local celebration of Hari Raya often involves replacing old things and shopping for new items such as clothing and garments or even household furnishing and decorative. It is also a great time of gifts offered to friends and family, along with the custom of city dwellers often travelling back homeland for homecoming, called "Balik Kampung" along with gifts.

In addition, the local tradition and practice of making cookies and titbits to serve to visit guests during the festive season. The materials and items purchased, either through a physical store or lately online shopping, are often at peak during this time of the year.


While most businesses are going all-out in this coming Hari Raya, retailers need to stay competitive to achieve more for better recovery. With the right digital solution to match promotional activities, the process can be further simplified and become more streamlined. Selecting a correct store management system is a challenging process for retailers, as retailers need to decide based on what a solution can do or did it really aid in supporting overall promotional and marketing goals, especially during peak season.


A complete Point of Sale or POS system is crucial for managing daily transactions efficiently for retailers. A standard POS system must come with a basic setting, including an item identifier to complete every transaction of different goods. But is a POS system only limited to cashier activities and transaction recording? A complete POS system like AutoCount POS has all the answers. The comprehensive solution is not limited to only the cashier but comes with various advanced settings to enhance business processes and eventually boost retail sales.

Sales and Promotion
Malaysian customers love promotion´╝üAutoCount POS comes with a robust Promotion Module to ease the whole sales process. It allows retailers to set promotional or discount rates for items by setting seasonal promotions to specific promotions when only a unique condition occurs, or a requirement is met. This setting allows retailers to manage promotion better and minimize staff error/confusion by automatically supporting the promotion of different scenarios.

Sell as a set with Item Bundle
Item bundle feature in AutoCount POS enables retail operators to match multiple items into one, just as offering items in set or package. It gives retailers the ability to match relevant items into a set, making it easier for shoppers during decision-making, creating a sense of getting it at a greater value, hence improving sales and turnover by triggering a higher degree of impulse buying. A similar setting can be used to set up gifts or hamper set by encouraging shoppers to get more at one go.

Trending payment method: E-Wallet
With the after effect from the pandemic and movement control order, the acceptance of cashless payment and e-Wallet in Malaysia has improved tremendously. Many shoppers opt for cashless payment even in physical stores to minimize physical contact to avoid infections or cross-contamination. Hence AutoCount POS comes with e-Wallet integration with supports up to 6 types of most commonly used e-Wallet to date, including Touch 'n Go, Grab Pay Boost Pay, Maybank QRPay, as well as WeChatPay and Alipay.

AutoCount POS e-Wallet integration enables retailers to offer more payment methods to match more customers' preferences and serve a wider group of customers, ultimately enhancing customers' purchasing experience.

Inventory management
With the sales expected to hike during Hari Raya festive season, do all retailers have what it takes to ensure a smooth flow of stock items, from warehouse to counter to the replenishment of depleting stock? A retailer must always ensure the merchandise is sufficient to support the demand, not only for generating maximum sales volume but also in retaining customers' value and satisfaction. With AutoCount POS, the system not just identifies items by SKUs, but also includes the ability to track the numbers of every item in the inventory. Retail owners can depend on the system to pinpoint the exact replenishment window. The cloud-based mobile sales app in AutoCount POS comes with an e-dashboard to easily track and monitor outlet sales performance on-the-go. It will also analyse and display crucial data such as best-selling items, best-performing outlets, etc, making inventory control and decision even more accurate and more cost-saving without sourcing temporary warehouse or storage space for a single festive season.

The inventory control feature even comes with notification, costing and pricing settings, with the ability of items order while matching with add-on solution from AutoCount.


With AutoCount POS, retailers can ensure that they are well prepared to face the most exciting season in the nation. Of course, the exciting features can generate higher than usual benefits to the retailer even after the festive season ends. AutoCount POS also comes with a Customer Loyalty System, enabling operators to create customer profiles and initialize customer loyalty programs, such as reward points and rebates. It can further develop better relationships and emotional bonds with customers and encourage returning purchases.

With such a complete POS system that fulfils multiple objectives, you can still own AutoCount POS at a reasonable price, start boosting your retail sales business and prepare for the coming festive season. Contact AutoCount today to find out more and get a free demo or quotation!

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